Mom's Essential Oil Evolution

Are you tired of all the misinformation that is shared online in regards to essential oil safety and use? As oils make it into nearly every home worldwide, it is more important than ever to come together as empowered women to learn about these amazing healing catalysts, all centered around safety!

Aromatherapy for Kids

The goal of this book is to help the young use aromatherapy “properly” and “safely” now. How will I do that? By empowering their parents! This is the first in what will be a series of books geared towards kids. Inside you will find my top 25 essential oils that are safe for kids, that parents can use with the assurance that their kids will be “safe and sound”.
BOOK REVIEW “Mom’s Essential Oil Evolution”

“In her book Leslie covers the many situations a mom could face in each stage of motherhood, from the beginning of pregnancy through the teenage years and beyond. Within each stage she discusses how essential oils can and cannot be used safely to support the health & wellness of the whole family. But this is so much more than simply a book about using essential oils; it’s a book for moms, all moms. It gets downright real as Leslie sheds light on the many inner struggles we face on a daily basis and shares her own personal stories too. To tie it all together she provides loads of encouragement and simple DIY recipes for self-care, you don’t want to miss chapter 18-these ones are just for you mom! All in all, sitting down with this book is a lot like that little proverbial (hug) and pat on the back we all need, that knowing look that says it all…”you’ve got this mom”! by: Hemlime

BOOK REVIEW “Aromatherapy for Kids”

This is just a great little book helping us all to understand the safe use of essential oils when we are using them with children. I like the colorful presentation but more importantly I like it for the way it utilized information that I was somewhat familiar with and translated into fresh and new language understandable for parents. I particularly liked the “Suggestions for use” and the “safety and formulations” sections which were written in a way that showed great sensitivity to parents – especially new ones. It is well referenced – the author who I have read in the past – takes great care in documenting her work. by: Tonver41

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