Safe use for kids

Inside you will find my top 25 essential oils that are safe for kids, that parents can use with the assurance that their kids will be “safe and sound”. As this is covering 25 oils, this is a book you can digest in a couple hours time, but refer to it and use the blends for a long time to come.

“It is so wonderful to have a resource that promotes safety with essential oils. This book does a great job of explaining each oil, it’s uses, as well as recipes that are safe to use with children. There are so many unsafe suggestions out on the internet which made me too nervous to use oils. I finally feel confident in safe practices with this book and am able to utilize them with my children. I highly recommend this book!. ” Amazon Customer

“This is the perfect book for learning the benefits of using essential oils for kids, safely. Leslie has included kid safe recipes, fun facts and an Aroma mantra for each oil. I recommend this and other books written by Leslie Moldenauer..” C. Valenti

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