What is your why? I was asked this question yesterday by a wise soul, and although it seemed like quite a simple question in the moment, I found it is a question I need to be asking and reminding myself of a lot more than I have been.


You see, the area in which I chose to begin my career, one of a healer, it is not as harmonious as you would expect. There is much disharmony and many that let their ego run the show, rather than quieting the mind and listening to the spirit-self, the essence of who you truly are; your dedication, your determination, your self-love, your strength, your truth. This can bring much discord, strife and “reactions” from the outside. So it is important to come back to self, and ask why? What is your ideal? What does it look like in your minds-eye? How do you want to feel? What makes you happy above all else? Then LIVE that…EMBODY it, and let NOTHING make you waver from that.


This can go for anything in life, your career, your relationships, the community at large, the world…..own your story, your truth.


I feverishly journaled my answers. My truths. What I thought I had known, and what I clearly never did. The only person we have to answer to in the end is ourselves…so I had a lot of questions, and hours worth of journaling of answers.


What did it all boil down to in a word? Helping. What is my truth? Empathic nurturer. What do I need to rid myself of? HA…well, a whole hell of a lot. My job right now is to decide what I will align with and move feverishly in that direction.


I want to help others. That can take on many forms and thankfully my education supports this. My continued education will fill the cracks, and my goal is to share it with everyone ready to hear it. Help others. In whatever capacity that I can, for however long I am here on this plane of existence.



It is not about prestige, it is not about notoriety, it is not about “likes”, it is not about money. I have begun to question all of my agreements, all of my scripts of what I have been led to believe. It requires a good, hard look at ourselves and what we thought to be true about the world and others around us. When the journaling slowed, I realized that I am meant to be here, doing exactly what I am doing. My path will unfold as it should…and I will help as many people as I can along the way.


For me, nothing feels better than a call from a mother saying “You helped my son sleep soundly for the first time in weeks”, or “My daughters anxiety was through the roof, I am so glad that I reached out to you for help”…..and “I am so happy that I found your information on essential oil safety, now I know I am doing things the right way, and that I am keeping my family safe”.


Remember those things when they happen to you. That is validation that you are on the right path. Think about how your heart feels as you lay down for rest every evening. Did you pull from your spirit-self that day? Did you live your why? Or did you let ego take hold? My goal is to snuff out ego as much as possible every day. This is crucial on my path. We all falter, we all make mistakes, but if we put focus on others by means of competition, comparing and judging, our ego is in control. This will not make our heart full, this will never lead to a blissful, happy, fulfilled space.


Am I an expert? (As I laugh) Definitely not. Do I and have I made mistakes? A resounding yes. If we are not making mistakes, or more importantly if we “think” we are not making mistakes….it is time for a true look at self. A reality check. We all make mistakes, but it is the ones that we choose to make over and over again, the ones that we do not learn from, which are harming us, which are preventing growth. If we judge others for their mistakes, we are not doing our best in this human experiment of life. Life is perfectly imperfect. We are all constantly learning, growing, and evolving.



So what is your why? Maybe it is time to sit with yourself and figure that out. Remember, this is not how you want to be perceived, the shoes you “think” you need to fill, or what you have to gain. It is all of our jobs to figure this out for ourselves and to continually check in to see that all of our actions, words, and expressions support it. Once you realize your blocks to the why, whether it is a self-limiting belief, a person, or an environment, once you make the discovery, the easier it is to release them/it back to where they belong.


It is time to accept and honor yourself, let go of expectations, and begin to walk your walk. One step at a time.



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